Non Disclosure Agreement

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    Non-Disclosure Agreement

    ExStrat, the "Broker", has agreed with its clients, the "Sellers", to maintain strict confidentiality of all information relative to their businesses, including the fact that their businesses are being offered for sale. In addition, the Broker has agreed with its clients to pre-qualify, financially and otherwise, all potential buyers. As consideration for the Broker to disclose any part of this valuable information to the interested parties, I, agree to the following:

    That Bob Gillette of ExStrat Exit Strategy Specialists has introduced me to, and given me confidential information about the following business(es):

    I agree that no other broker or salesperson has previously introduced me to the listed business/property. I acknowledge that I have been advised that all Brokers/Salespersons represent the Seller, not the buyer, in all facets of the sale of the business/property, unless stated otherwise. I agree that all information provided on businesses/properties by the Broker is confidential and that disclosure of any portion of this information would harm the described businesses/properties and do damage to the Broker's fiduciary relationship with their clients, the Sellers.

    I further agree not to disclose any of the information relative to any business/property introduced to me by the Broker to any other person or persons who have not also signed and dated this agreement, other than the undersigned's attorney or accountant, whose confidentiality is warranted.

    I agree not to contact the Seller, the Seller's employees, suppliers or customers except through the Broker. I understand that the Broker has an agreement allowing for a commission for the sale, trade, lease or exchange of the business or property and I agree not to circumvent the Broker's listing agreement in any way. I further understand that any attempt to circumvent such agreement may cause the Broker serious damages for which I may be liable. Therefore, I agree that directly or through agents, employees or representatives, not to engage in any negotiations, dealings or other acts, which may result in the diminishment or avoidance of any commissions due Broker under agreements between Broker and Seller.

    I understand that all information is provided by the Seller and is not verified in any way by the Broker. I fully understand that it is my responsibility to verify any and all information before entering into a contract to purchase the above-listed businesses/properties. It is agreed that Broker is not responsible for the accuracy of any information and it is agreed and understood that the Broker will be held harmless from any claims or damages resulting from the use of such information. If I decide not to pursue any opportunities presented to me by the Broker, I agree to return all proprietary information furnished to me without keeping copies, summaries, analyses or extracts thereof.

    I agree that I will look to the Seller and my own research for information based on which all decisions to purchase shall be made. I agree that all correspondence, inquiries, offers to purchase and negotiations relating to the purchase or lease of any business/property presented to me or companies that I represent by the Broker, will be conducted through the Broker. I warrant that I have received a copy of this agreement. I have read and understood the terms and conditions outlined above and by signing below indicated my agreement with them.



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